In 1944, our founder, Baldiri Cruells i Sellarès opened in the centre of Sabadell a small workshop for the production of cylinders and transmission belts for conveyor systems, specifically for the textile industry. Sabadell was then a benchmark in the textile industry in Catalonia.

The growth of our company runs parallel to the boom in the textile industry during the first half of the XX century.

During the first 40 years, our activity included the tanning of hides, as originally, both cylinders and belts of textile machinery used leather as raw material.

It was not until the early 1960s that FCI Coatings led the technological development in the sector, incorporating rubber in the manufacture of our products. This innovation is key to the expansion of our activities in new industrial sectors such as steel, food, pharmaceutical, and naval industries, etc.

In 2006, FCI Coatings transferred their production activity to a new, modern production plant located in the centre of Sabadell. The design of new premises allowed the incorporation of new technologies and working methods, indispensible for a perfect adaptation to the strict European standards on occupational safety and respect for the environment.

Manufacturing processes of silicone-coated cylinders, polyurethane and other materials appropriate for the needs of a wide variety of industries were incorporated many years ago.

Today, FCI Coatings is a national leader in natural or synthetic rubber cylinder covering of any size and hardness.


At FCI Coatings, we currently have an area of 1,500 m2 FCI Coatings after the expansion of our facilities in the year 2014. An extension that, together with the acquisition of new machinery, has enabled us to increase our productive, commercial and quality objectives.


Our company has developed quality orientation based on quality, service and speed, in constant, in constant growth and development to offer more solutions to our clients and meet the demands of the market.

FCI Coatings maintains a high level of technology and research in order to provide solutions to our customers. Many of the rubbers used in the production process are our own formulas, which allows us to offer a range of 114 formulations, all subjected to strict quality controls.

Our human team in continuous training, specialised in the sector allows us to offer the optimal product for each application. The technology we use is respectful with the environment and people



FCI Coatings is close to you, not only geographically, but also on a personal level. Our technical team comes to your location to analyse our client’s problem, depending on:

  • The function of the piece
  • Its position in the machine
  • The elements that may affect its performance (source of ozone, environmental conditions)

With the results obtained, we determine the cause of the problem and offer our client on the best possible solution that may range from a simple adjustment of the product to reprocessing with new formulations adapted to the conditions of use or work of the product.



Our company has developed quality orientation based on the following points:

  • Optimization of formulations:
    The performance of each application or the use of the rubber roller depends greatly on the chemical composition of the rubber used, although the base polymers used are the same.
  • Quality finishes:
    Calibration of the rubber and precision trimming are essential elements that will determine the effectiveness of the roller and its useful life. This is why at FCI Coatings, we apply the strictest precision controls.
  • Uniformity of the roller surface:
    Uniform hardness, minimal invasion of external particles, precision in balancing shafts and bearing housings.
  • Quality control of the steel core:
    Control of hardness and strength stability, hardness and sizes.
  • Perfect adherence between the rubber and the core:
    Poor adherence may cause the rubber to crack or get detached from the core.

FCI Coatings is an associate company of the Graphispack Association.

Associació Graphispack
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